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02 de Mayo, 2012 · General

Pruebas ingles

Answer questions 1-3 according to the following text:

The United States is now becoming a non-smoking society. Across the country, hundreds of towns and cities, and even entire states, are passing strict laws to control the sale and use of cigarettes.

In New York, for example, smoking is illegal in public buildings, hospitals, schools, banks, stores, movie theaters, taxi-cabs, and restrooms, to name a few places. In addition, smoking is prohibited anywhere in the U.S. on airline flights that last two hours or less. And now many private companies have also made rules prohibiting cigarette smoking. At least 40% of American companies restrict smoking by their employees.

Company policies are mostly of three kinds: they prohibit smoking by employees when they are working, they hire only non-smokers, or they force workers who smoke to quit smoking.

1. The underlined sentence they force workers who smoke to quit smoking means that

 workers are hired because they smoke. 
 workers have to give up smoking if they want to continue working. 
 workers are required to smoke if they want to continue working. 
 workers are fired because they smoke.

2. According to the text, we can infer that

 none of the company policies ban smoking. 
 all of the company policies ban smokers. 
 the first policy bans smoking, and the other two, ban smokers. 
 the first and second policies ban smokers, and the last one bans smoking.

3. According to the text, the author's intention is to

 describe how the U.S. is regulating smoking. 
 promote discrimination against smokers in the U.S. 
 protest against people who smoke in the U.S. 
 show how smokers can quit smoking in the U.S.

Construcción de Oraciones
En el enunciado de estas preguntas se plantea una situación, a partir de las cuales debe escoger la opción que mejor complemente el enunciado, teniendo en cuenta que la organización y coherencia sean correctas.

4. Guido and Carlos are talking about the changes in temperature over the last few days. Guido says:

 Yesterday was hotter than today 
 Yesterday was as hotter as today 
 Yesterday was much hot than today 
 Yesterday was more hot than today

5. Caroline is talking about the place she went on vacation.

 Cartagena is an old colombian lovely city 
 Cartagena is an old lovely colombian city 
 Cartagena is a lovely old colombian city
 Cartagena is a colombian old lovely city

6. Justin's room smelled like cigarettes yesterday.

 In the room somebody had been smoking 
 Smoking had been somebody in the room 
 Somebody had been smoking in the room 
 In the room smoking had been somebody

7. Steve is talking to a friend about the first thing he normally does as soon as he gets home.

 “I turn on frequently the TV right after I get home from work.” 
 “I turn on the TV right after I frequently get home from work.” 
 “I turn on the TV right after I get home from work frequently.” 
 “I frequently turn on the TV right after I get home from work.”

Situaciones Comunicativas - Diálogos Incompletos
En las siguientes preguntas el enunciado es un diálogo incompleto. Usted debe escoger la oración que que complete en diálogo de forma lógica y coherente.

8. Anita is going to travel to Moscow. Now she is arranging her luggage.

Lucy: Have you seen my passport?
Mark: Your passport? ______________
I saw it in the drawer last night.
Lucy: But it’s not there.
Mark: Did you already look in your pocket diary?
Lucy: (she takes her pocket diary out.) Let’s see. Yes, it’s here! Thank you.

 It can be on the night table. 
 Where on earth can it be? 
 You are joking, aren’t you? 
 It’s time for you to go. Hurry up!

9. Tom is reading the newspaper.

Tom: You know, the Russian ballet has been here for a month and we still haven’t seen it.
Paula: I know. _____________________________
Tom: That sounds great!

 It must be wonderful. 
 You could go tomorrow. 
 Do you have any suggestions? 
 Why don’t we go tomorrow night?

10. A tourist has just arrived in New York. He is lost...

Miguel: Excuse me, Can you help me?
Rose: Of course.
Miguel: ________________________
Rose: Just walk up Fifth Avenue to 50th Street. St. Patrick.s is on the right.
Miguel: Is it near the Rockefeller Center?
Rose: Yes. It.s right across from it.
Miguel: Thank you.

 Can you tell me if St. Patrick.s Cathedral is on Fifth Avenue? 
 How do I get to St. Patrick.s Cathedral? 
 Are you going to tell me where St. Patrick.s Cathedral is? 
 Is St. Patrick's Cathedral near here?
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